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Sunday Club (age 0-14)

Please be assured of a warm welcome, we’re really glad to see new faces anytime. Sunday Club meet in the Large Hall at Trinity, where there are toys, craft, games, activities and a friendly face. When everyone has arrived we usually start with an altogether Bible story, then a choice of activities, usually including food and art and crafts, colouring, games, chat with hot chocolate, a prayer activity and Lego, as well as a selection of toys for free play. Each activity will have a helper supervising and the children can move freely between the activities as they choose. Sunday Club is aimed primarily for children aged 0-14 years. There are a team of DBS checked helpers each week so you can leave your children with us or stay with them and see what goes on, alternatively you are very welcome to stay in the service in the Sanctuary.
Most Sundays we start in Church altogether, usually for the welcome, some singing and prayers, after which we leave the Sanctuary and move through in to the Large Hall. Once a month, usually the second Sunday of a month we start out the back and join the rest of the Church in the Sanctuary for Holy Communion. We also have an All Age Worship service usually on the 4th Sunday in the month. This is when everyone meets altogether for worship and after this service there is a free lunch, available to all, whether you’re a regular or joining us for the first time. If you have any questions please call 01434 601055 or e-mail office@hexhamtrinity.org.uk