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Easter & Holy Week in Hexham

SHARING EASTER DIFFERENTLY AS CHURCHES TOGETHER IN HEXHAM – Churches Together in Hexham has put together a number of ways that as Christians we can still share Easter with each other and the people of Hexham this year. 

Online Services, Reflections and Resources – a number of Churches are offering online services, reflections and resource during this time. These are listed on the front page of the Churches Together Website (http://www.hexhamchurchestogether.org.uk). 

Hexham Abbey Night Prayers (Compline) – There will be a service at 9pm on Monday to Wednesday (6th to 8th April) from Hexham Abbey that can be followed via Zoom. Due to some security issues the zoom details have been changed and if you wish to take part please email or phone David Goodall and he will provide the information.

Closer: Engaging with God through Prayer Praise and Ministry – There is a YouTube edition of Closer (thanks to Sue and Neil Paterson) that is available now on YouTube here. It includes a meditation on “the Last Supper” and may be especially appropriate to watch on Maundy Thursday. The song lyrics for you to join in with are available by clicking here.

Good Friday Address – Fr Christopher Warren from St Mary’s Church will live stream his Good Friday address, which he would have given on the walk of witness, at 10am on Good Friday. To watch this follow this link to the St Mary’s Website: https://www.stmaryshexham.org.uk/live-stream or this link directly to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOlWhLHE2HpDpPw63h477aA

12 Stations of the Cross activities – Eleanor Duncan has produced a sheet with a series of “Stations of the Cross” activities that people could do on their own or as families, inside or in the garden on Good Friday.  You can download it here.

Circuit ReflectionsThe Tynedale Circuit Website will have reflections added to it for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday which people may want to watch.

Trinity Services – there will be a worship@home service for Trinity on Easter Sunday with details here

Posters – There is a PDF of three posters (click here) that you can print at home and display in your windows. These posters aim to remind people that we are journeying through Holy Week to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. They point people to the Churches Together Website (http://www.hexhamchurchestogether.org.uk) where they can find further information about who Jesus is and the significance of Easter. Please print and display these posters if you are able. Large versions of the posters will be displayed outside a number of the Hexham Churches during Holy Week.

If you are a user of social media (Facebook/Twitter etc) there are profile picture and cover picture images in the same style which you can download from the Churches Together Website and add to your social media accounts to let your friends know it is Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter. These are all available from http://www.hexhamchurchestogether.org.uk/easter/