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Sunday Services online (via Zoom)

Sunday Worship @ Home 12th July 2020 -10.30am: Each Sunday we hold a live service using the Zoom website/app at 10:30am (you can arrive a little earlier than this). This will enable us to worship together, to see each other and to hear each other. We will follow the service from this weeks Worship @ Home Sheet and we hope it will have elements for all ages as well as some times where you can choose the most appropriate way for you to join in. You can download the Worship @ Home sheet by clicking below. If you would prefer to use the worship at home sheet on your own that’s fine too.  Details of how to join in are below:

To join the Sunday Service on a computer or tablet click the link below:

or open the app and use the following to join the service:
Meeting ID: 873 3406 7921
Password: 142858

or on a landline dial one of these numbers and use the meeting ID and password above:
0203 481 5240, 131 460 1196, 0203 051 2874, 0203 481 5237

You can download the sheet to go with the service or to use in your own time by clicking below:
Worship Sheet can be downloaded here.

If it is your first time using zoom you may need to do this:
Download the Zoom app from the App Store/Play Store or this webpage: