A place for everyone
to question, discover and explore the Christian faith
learning to live as followers of Jesus
so more people know of God’s love


Worshipping God as a community is at the heart of the Church. At Hexham Trinity it is the centre of our week. It is the time when we are able to come before God, to acknowledge how amazing he is, celebrate his love, learn and pray together and be equipped by God and each other to live as followers of Jesus.

You can view the information about the different services from January to April 2019 and who is preaching at them here.

More Information about the Services:

Worship at Hexham Trinity seeks to balance both the importance of regularly gathering together as a Christian Family and the fact that we can and sometimes prefer to worship God in a variety of different ways. 

At 10:30am each Sunday we gather as a family for ‘Worship for All’ which aims to be accessible and inclusive. There are times for everyone to worship together and for children and young people to be part of Trinity’s Sunday Club. The music is led by a worship group and we hope the teaching helps to deepen everyones faith. 

At 4pm there are a variety of different worship experiences on the different weeks of the month:

  • 1st Sunday – Listening to God which takes places in the Prayer Chapel at Trinity. Listening to God is a space for shared silence. Led by members of the group there is a short introduction to a half hour’s silence followed by a time of sharing if people would like to. 
  • 2nd Sunday – Closer which takes place in the Small Hall at Trinity. Closer is a time to worship God in an informal setting, coming into, and spending time just sitting in God’s presence. There is no other agenda, just time to bask in God’s presence, creating a space for God to speak. 
  • 3rd Sunday – Just As You Are which takes place at Robin and Jim’s House at Dotland Town Foot. Just as you are is a group where everyone can prayerfully share either burdens or blessings in an atmosphere of openness and honesty together. 
  • 4th Sunday – Mission Tea which takes place in the Creche Room at Trinity. Mission Tea is a group which meets to pray for those serving Christ abroad. We centre on a specific global area each month, & add specific urgent needs from mission organisations who send us information.

At 6pm we worship with West End Methodist Church for a more quiet and reflective service where music is led by the organ. From time to time we offer different types of learning and worship experiences in this service for example the Bible Course in February and March 2019. When there is a 5th Sunday we hold a Healing Service. On the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month the 6pm services are at Trinity and on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at West End.