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January 3rd, 2021. Covenant Sunday

Reading: John 21:15-19 Prayer So here we are again! Another Zoom first, we’ve done Easter Sunday on Zoom, we’ve done Advent Sunday on Zoom, we’ve done the Carol Service and Christmas Day on Zoom and here we are with Covenant Sunday on Zoom! I wonder how many more Zoom first’s they’ll be in the next…

13th December, 2020. Advent 3.

Reading: Isaiah 61:1-11 Today is the 3rd Sunday of advent, otherwise known as Gaudete Sunday. In ‘normal’ years this is often the Sunday of advent that we’ve missed out on as we’ve chosen to reflect on Mary on the 3rd Sunday advent in order to leave Mary’s traditional spot on the 4th Sunday advent free…

29th November, 2020 Advent Sunday

Reading: Mark 13:24-37 As we’ve already said today is Advent Sunday the start of our journey towards Christmas. Today marks a number of different things.  It marks the beginning of the new lectionary year. Over the last year and particularly over the last few months we’ve been working our way through Matthew’s Gospel, today we…